Indoor 7's Tournament Laws

1. The Laws of the Game will prevail with the following modifications for tournament play.

2. Team lists are not to exceed eleven(11) players and must be submitted prior to the first match.

3. A team must be prepared to start the match on time. Sanction: Forfeit of match

4. **NEW 2020** All restarts from center must not go into touch without first touching a player on the field. Sanction: Free kick at Center for receiving team **NEW 2020**

5. A player must not kick the ball above the level of the top entrance railing. Sanction: Penalty kick at the spot of the kick

6. Kick-Off shall be a drop kick from the centerline and must travel five (5) meters. Sanction: Free kick at center

7. The line out shall be formed starting at the three(3) meters and not exceeding eight(8) meters from the touch line.

8. The only method of scoring will be try for which one point will be awarded. If over time is required to break a tie, sudden death will be played.

9. For all kicks, the goal line will serve as the dead ball line. Match officials will observe the goal line as the dead ball line in any situation in which players might have cause to dive near the dead ball line.

10. Any player sent off during a match, will be subject to a discipline review by the match officials and organizing committee before that player resumes any play in the tournament.

11. Final interpretation of these or any laws will be the sole responsibility of the match officials.

12. Abuse of any kind directed at match officials will not be tolerated