Message from the President

Owen has always done so much to help Truro Saints and he certainly leaves big boots to be filled. I am very grateful for his dedication to our club!

I am very fortunate to have been involved in rugby for over 40 years and my ever-lasting thoughts of what makes this game and everything around it so special is down to what happens off the field as much as what happens on-field. Training, social events, games, new players, stories from past players, traditions, visiting other clubs and tours are just a few of the elements that make rugby a character-building lifestyle.

My hope for this year is to begin to bring some of these elements to Truro Saints while building on those that are already there. We are so extremely lucky to have the clubhouse and fields in a perfect setting and I cannot describe how much appreciation I have for past members who made this possible. It didn’t just pop up out of nowhere – there was a lot of work and effort to make it happen. I would like us to make more and better use of these facilities from now; encourage more events and people along, involve past members and show them what they started is thriving and still going strong.

Go Saints!  

Up Coming Events

Have a look at our up coming events as new events are beeing posted regularly. Our Opening Clean Up is coming up very soon to get ready for the 2024 season. We need all hands on deck to help get the club in ship shape.

The Keltics play at the club the following day to kick off the rugby season. For those all of you who have been missing that little bit of rugby in your lives the wait is over; come down to the club and get your fill!!

Free Exercise

Its that time of the year again folks! Rugby Practice is up and running again!! Let's build on last year and start the season off right with some exercise and ball handling skills


Saints, you will never have to miss another event; check out the updated calendar with practice and match times posted for the season. Keep updated with this up to the minute calendar of all club events

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The future of rugby in Truro looks very bright indeed, as timbits are exploding on to the scene at the rugby club. If you missed out on seeing the invasion force of more than 80 youths we had last season, stay tuned for more details on Timbits Rugby 2024 Season.


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