True Saints

Here we honour those that have gone before us, shedding blood, sweat, and tears for the Orange and Black. Those that once stood tall and mighty but are not able to anymore as they have taken to their true namesake and become saints. Now we must stand tall for them, as one day others will stand tall for us. These saints might have fallen, but they will never be forgotten. Their legacy will live on in the Orange and Black.

 Kenny Taylor -1978

Derek Kersley (Coach) - 1985

Dewey Squires - 1987

Sam Dickie - 2004

Sach Saunders - 2010

Ronnie MacLellan - 2010

Gary Hollis - 2010

Paul "Pony" Clark - 2012

Randy Sears - 2013

Denis Doucet - 2014

Carlos Spinazzola - 2014

Warren Legge - 2015

Jim MacAfee (Founder) - 2017